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Oboe Repertoire

Oboe Repertoire/Bibliography

Bellow is a listing of standard repertoire for the oboe divided into four general difficulty levels with the undergraduate college music major in mind (divisions between levels being gray).  This is to serve as a guide in helping you choose repertoire.  You are expected to progress to more difficult literature throughout your course of study, playing some (but not necessarily only) works from level 4 by the time you are a senior.  While you are not expected to study all works on this list as an undergraduate, you should begin to become familiar with all of the works through the use of recordings and score examination. I have also included a bibliography of standard concerti, etude books, chamber music, and literature on the oboe. 

Level 1

  • Bach-Andraud:  Andante
  • Bach-Andraud:  Siciliano and Arioso
  • Baermann-Hite:  Adagio (Attributed to Wagner)
  • Beethoven-Andraud:  Adagio Cantabile (Sonate Pathétique)
  • Wayne Barlow   The Winter's Passed
  • Burkhardt, Joel G.:  Chanson
  • Datshkovsky-Ephross:  Lullaby for Alexandra
  • Cimarosa   Concerto in C
  • Handel   Sonatas or Concertos
  • Mendelssohn-Zverov:  Song Without Words
  • Nielsen   Fantasy Pieces (Romance and Humoresque)
  • G.F.Handel – Sonata in C minor
  • G.F.Handel – Sonata in G minor
  • Haydn   Concerto in C
  • Solomon, Ed:  Looking Glass
  • Telemann   Partitas
  • Telemann   Sonata in a-minor
  • Telemann-Chidester:  Andante and Presto
  • White, David A.:  Episodes
  • Widor, Ch. M.:  Pavane

Level 2

  • Baird, Kenneth:  Shadow Dance and Lament
  • Barnes, James:  Autumn Soliloquy (band acc. available)
  • Barthe-Andraud:  Petite Wuite Pittoresque
  • Bellini-Peters:  Concerto in Eb
  • Bordier-Perkins:  Berceuse
  • Büsser-Andraud:  Eglogue (Pastoral Poem)
  • Colin-Andraud:  Les Echos de Marnes
  • Donjon-Guertin:  Invocation
  • Dremlyuga-Zakopets:  Andantino)
  • H. Dutilleux – Sonate
  • Godard, Benjamin:  Legende Pastorale, op. 138
  • Godard, Benjamin:  Highlanders March, op. 138
  • Händel-Andraud:  Concerto Grosso, No. 8 in Bb
  • Hindemith   Sonate for oboe and piano
  • Jaffe, Gerard:  Overture to a Comedy
  • Kawarsky, Jay:  Rejoice, O Young Man
  • Kreisler, Alexander von:  Sonatina
  • Lunde, Ivar, Jr.:  Fantasy
  • Marcello   Concerto
  • Michael Head   Elegaic Dance
  • Paradis, Maria T. von:  Sicilienne
  • Rimsky-Korsakov-Thurston:  The Rose and the Nightingale
  • Robinson, Stanford:  The Moon Maiden’s Dance
  • Schumann   Three Romances
  • Smolanoff, Michael:  In Memoriam
  • Solomon, Edward S.:  Danza Italiana
  • Stone, Gregory:  Hora Exotique (Rumanian Dance-Caprice)
  • Tchaikovsky-Zakopets:  Romance
  • Telemann-Andraud:  Four Short Melodic Pieces
  • Telemann-Andraud:  Four Short Melodic Pieces
  • Vadala, Kathleen:  Sea Change
  • William Grant Still   Incantation and Dance
  • Telemann, G.P.:  Concerto in F Minor
  • Telemann-Andraud:  Sonata in A Minor
  •  Yoshioka, Emmett:  Intermezzo

Level 3

  • Albinoni   Concerti
  • Colin-Cailliet:  Eighth Solo
  • Donizetti   English Horn Concertino
  • Guilhaud-Andraud:  First Concertino
  • Lenom, Clement:  Musette
  • Marcello, Benedetto:  Concerto in C Minor
  • Mozart-Desportes:  Concertino, K 370
  • Mozart   Oboe Quartet
  • Walter Piston   Suite
  • Saint-Saens   Sonata
  • C. P. E. Bach   Sonata in g-minor
  • Hotteterre   Suites
  • Poulenc   Sonata
  • G.P.Telemann – Fantasias for solo oboe (solo oboe, no piano)
  • Verroust, Stanislas:  Souvenir of Old Quebec
  • Vogt-Andraud:  2nd Concertino in F
  • Ward-Steinman   Summer Suite

Level 4

  • Adler, Samuel:  Sonata
  • J. S. Bach   Sonata in g-minor
  • B. Britten – Six Metamorphoses after Ovid op 49 (solo oboe, no piano)
  • Cimarosa, Domenico:  Concerto
  • Demersseman – Fantaisie Suisse
  • Françaix, Jean:  Concerto
  • Hindemith   Sonate for English Horn
  • Kalliwoda, J.W.:  Concerto
  • Kauder, Hugo:  Sonata
  • Kennan, Kent:  Scherzo, Aria and Fugato
  • Krommer, Franz:  Concerto in F, op. 52
  • Krenek   Vier Stucke
  • Milhaud, Darius:  Sonatine
  • Mozart-Andraud:  Concerto in Eb
  • Mozart-Gillet-Blair:  Concerto in C, K 314
  • Mark Phillips   Sonic Landscapes
  • Rosetti-Richards:  Concerto in D
  • Richard Strauss   Concerto
  • Szalowski, Antonio:  Sonatina
  • Vaughan-Williams   Concerto
  • Vivaldi   Concerto in C

Oboe Concertos:

  •  T. Albinoni – Concerto in B flat op 7 no.3
  •  J.S.Bach – Concerto in D major (Oboe d’amore and strings)
  •  J.C.Bach – Concerto in F
  •  C.P.E.Bach – Concerto in B flat Major
  •  C.P.E.Bach – Concerto in E flat Major
  •  R.R. Bennett – Concerto
  •  Bellini – Concerto in E flat
  •  Cimarosa/Benjamin – Concerto for oboe and strings
  •  Donizetti – Concertino for Cor anglais and orchestra
  •  J Fischer – Concerto in C major
  •  W. Ferrari – Idillio Concertino op 15
  •  J. Francaix – L’Horloge de Flore
  •  J.G. Graun – Concerto in C minor
  •  F. Hidas – Concerto
  •  G.F.Handel – Concerto in G minor
  •  G.F.Handel – Concerto in B flat major (No 2)
  •  J.Haydn – Concerto in C
  •  G. Jacob – Concerto No.1 for oboe and strings
  •  J.W. Kalliwoda – Concertino op. 110
  •  A. Marcello – Concerto in C minor
  •  W.A.Mozart – Concerto in C major
  •  B. Martinu – Concerto
  •  V. Persichetti – Concerto for Cor anglais
  •  J. Rietz – Concert piece op 33
  •  R. Strauss – Concerto
  •  Telemann – Concerto in C minor
  •  Telemann – Concerto in G major (Oboe d’amore and strings)
  •  A. Vivaldi – Concerto in F major
  •  A. Vivaldi – Concerto in D major
  •  A. Vivaldi – Concerto in A minor
  •  A.Vivaldi – Concerto in F major
  •  A.Vivaldi – Concerto in C major
  •  A. Vivaldi – Concerto in D minor
  •  R.V. Williams – Concerto for Oboe and Strings

Standard Chamber Music featuring Oboe
(a very incomplete list)

  • Barrett: Four Sonatas with Accompaniment of Second Oboe
  • Beethoven: Trio for Two Oboes and English Horn
  • Dring: Trio for Flute, Oboe and Piano
  • Ferling: 48 Famous Studies and 3 Duos Concertante
  • Luft: Twenty-Four Etudes in Duet Form
  • Poulenc: Sextet
  • Poulenc: Trio for Oboe, Bassoon and Piano
  • Bax  – Quintet (oboe and string quartet)
  • Bliss – Quintet (oboe and string quartet)
  • Clarke – Quintet (oboe and string quartet)
  • Fox – Quintet (oboe and string quartet)
  • King – Quintet (oboe and string quartet)
  • Mozart – Quintet in C min (oboe and string quartet)
  • Redgate – Quintet (oboe and string quartet)
  • T. Takemitsu – Entre-Temps (oboe and string quartet)
  • B. Britten – Phantasy Quartet (oboe and string trio)
  • L. Berkeley – Quartet (oboe and string trio)
  • J. Francaix  – Quartet – Cor and Strings (oboe and string trio)
  • Horovitz – Quartet op 18 (oboe and string trio)
  • G. Jacob – Quartet (oboe and string trio)
  • O. Knussen – Cantate(oboe and string trio)
  • F.Kramar-Krommer – Quartet No.1 in C (oboe and string trio)
  • F.Kramar-Krommer – Quartet No.2 in F (oboe and string trio)
  • J. McCabe – Quartet (oboe and string trio)
  • C. Matthews – Quartet(oboe and string trio)
  • E.J.Moeran – Fantasy Quartet (oboe and string trio)
  • W.A. Mozart – Quartet in F major K370 (oboe and string trio)
  • A. Pasculli – Le Api arranged for oboe and string trio
  • R.V. Williams – Six Studies in English Folk Song arr by Robert Stanton (oboe and string trio)

Orchestral Studies

  • Andraud: Vade Mecum of the Oboist
  • deLancie: 20th Century Orchestral Studies
  • Rothwell: Difficult Passages for Oboe and Cor Anglais (four volumes)

Etude Books

  • Andraud: Vade Mecum of the Oboist
  • Andraud, Albert J.:  Practical and Progressive Oboe Method
  • Hovey, Nilo: Rubank Elementary Method
  • Skornika, J.E.: Rubank Intermediate Method
  • Barrett: Complete Oboe Method
  • Ferling: 48 Famous Studies and 3 Duos Concertantes
  • Luft: 24 Etudes
  • Don’t: 8 Progressive Exercises
  • David Hite: Scale studies
  • David Hite: Melodious and Progressive Studies

Solo Collections for Oboe with Piano

Andraud, Albert J.:  15 Grand Solos de Concert
     • Mozart Concerto in Eb
     • Dallier Fantaisie-Caprice
     • Bertain Sérénade
     • Guilhaud 1st Concertino
     • Büsser Eclog (Pastoral Poem)
     • Paladilhe Solo de Concert
     • Nielsen Romance (IV) and Humoresque
     • Colin 3rd Solo de Concert
     • Lefebvre Andante et Allegro
     • J.S. Bach Andante, Menuet, Famous Aria, Rondo, Siciliano and Arioso.

 Händel-Andraud: Collection
  • Händel-Andraud Concerto in G Minor
  • Händel-Andraud Three Sonatas
  •  Händel-Andraud Famous Largo

Andraud, Albert J.:  The Oboist’s Concert Album
      •           J.S.Bach Aria, Siciliano
      •           Colin  Grande Fantaisie Concertante, Les Echos de Marnes, 1st Solo de Concert, 3rd Solo de Concert, 4th Solo de Concert, 5th Solo de Concert, 6th Solo de Concert, 7th Solo de Concert
      •           De Boisdeffre Scenes Villageoises
      •           De Grandval Concerto
      •           De Vilbac A Cyprian Song  (oboe alone)
      •            Flegier Celebre Villanelle
      •           Leclair Aria, Musette
      •           Godard Three Scotch Scenes
      •           Händel  Concerto in G Minor, 1st Sonata, 2nd Sonata
      •           Lenom  Musette
      •           Sigt. Meyer Rustic Miniatures (oboe alone)
      •            Mondonville Tambourin
      •           Mozart  Adagio Religioso, Larghetto
      •           Pierne Piece in G Minor
      •           Soler Souvenir de Madrid
 •           Verroust  4th Solo de Concert, Souvenir of Old Quebec

Recommended Reading

  • Daryl Caswell: Reed Knife Sharpening
  • David Ledet: Oboe Reed Styles: Theory & Practic
  • Jay Light: The Oboe Reed Book
  • Sprenkle/Ledet: The Art of Oboe Playing
  • Patrick McFarland: Oboe Adjustment Guide
  • Carl Sawicki: The Oboe Revealed

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