Sunday, November 15, 2015

Happy This Christmas

I really enjoyed recording with these great musicians this past summer. In the video, you'll see a photo of me playing contrabassoon, even though this particular recording only includes my bassoon playing. That photo snuck in there because we were also recording for another full album that will be coming out the summer of 2016. I love love love the song I play contrabassoon on, and I look forward to sharing it with you next year!  Until then, I hope that you are Happy This Christmas.

"Happy This Christmas": Tommy McClymont and The Panacea Jamband. Written by Tommy McClymont & Don Jacobs. Produced by Don Jacobs and Tommy McClymont. Recorded at Purple Creek Studios in Jackson, Mississippi.  Ol’ Yellow Bus Music, Published on Nov 15, 2015.
o Tommy McClymont: vocals, tenor ukulele, handclaps
o Don Jacobs: vocals, bells, handclaps
o Elaine Maisel, bassoon
o Ty Maisel: violin
o Raphael Zweifel: cello

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