Friday, February 28, 2014

Link Up Recorder Basics

Resources for Beginning Recorder

Squeaky's Recorder Playhouse

  • Clear fingering chart that includes only notes that will be used in Link Up/first year of recorder
  • Step-by-step process of learning to play recorder music as a beginner
  • Large collection of songs that can be downloaded, printed, and listened to for free (you will need to download Finale Performance Assessment Program, which is also free)
  • You will need a username and password to access these resources. As a Link Up teacher you will have access.
  • These materials are now included in the printed Link Up Teacher's Guide. 
  • Lesson plans for different grades
  • Huge collection of sheet music for beginners
  • Program Ideas for 1st and 3rd grade
  • Recorder resources, including graphics for each of the basic fingerings

Fingering chart from Squeaky's Recorder Playhouse

Monday, February 3, 2014

Link Up Arkansas 2013-2104

Arkansas Philharmonic Partner Schools Materials

Agenda and PowerPoint for Professional Development Workshop for The Orchestra Sings 2013-2014:

Arkansas Philharmonic:

Carnegie Hall LinkUp Online:

Going Home: Dvorak's 9th Symphony, Third Movement

The hymn "Going Home", can be set to the music of Dvorak's 9th Symphony, third movement. 

Going home, going home, 
I'm just going home. 
Quiet-like, slip away- 
I'll be going home. 
It's not far, just close by; 
Jesus is the Door; 
Work all done, laid aside, 
Fear and grief no more. 
Friends are there, waiting now. 
He is waiting, too. 
See His smile! See His hand! 
He will lead me through. 

Morning Star lights the way; 
Restless dream all done; 
Shadows gone, break of day, 
Life has just begun. 
Every tear wiped away, 
Pain and sickness gone; 
Wide awake there with Him! 
Peace goes on and on! 
Going home, going home, 
I'll be going home. 
See the Light! See the Sun! 
I'm just going home. 

Words are by William Arms Fisher and Ken Bible. 

The sheet music and recording for the hymn can be downloaded here:

Sheet music and free recordings for Dvorak's 9th including original orchestration and arrangements for piano, voice and piano, recorder and piano, organ, and other resources:,_Op.95_(Dvo%C5%99%C3%A1k,_Anton%C3%ADn)