Thursday, September 19, 2013

Double Reed Websites

Some Suggested Double Reed Websites

You saw it here first. 

This is the International Organization for oboists and bassoonists--contains a wealth of information. Become a member and check this site periodically. 

Contains information about the bassoon and bassoonists. The "For Sale" section has ceased, but the list of links is still vast and helpful. 

Martin Schuring’s site contains many excellent articles on oboe topics. 

A GREAT source for double reed music. Searchable online catalog.

Double reed Music, tools, and accessories. Give them a call for bassoon, oboe or double reed ensemble repertoire suggestions and great customer service. 802.633.4014

Double Reed Vendor. Great selection. Their student cane is very fine. 

Includes New and Used bassoons and bocals for sale

Woodwind Vendor with Instruments and Accessories. Often basement prices on reeds, tuners and other basic supplies. 

Woodwind vendor with Instruments, Accessories, etc. Often the lowest prices on cane. Check their clearance section. 

Woodwind Vendor with instruments, accessories, etc. Good for basics. 

Double Reed vendor with Instruments, Reeds, Tools, Accessories, etc. Tend to have good prices! Great customer service. 

Double Reed Vendor. Specializing in oboe and English horn. 

Based in Massachusetts, Stuart Dunkel and Kristen Severson provide consistently excellent gouged cane as well as professional quality oboe reeds.

Kingston, NY. North America's widest selection of new and used oboes and English horns. Check out Boris' corner.

Extensive selection of woodwind instruments, accessories and supplies. Located in Los Angeles, they offer repairs and overhauls for instruments.

Extensive selection of oboe accessories and supplies.

Founded in 1922, the RIGOUTAT Company specializes in high-quality oboes, oboes d'amore, Cor Anglais and bass oboes.

Double Reed Vendor. Good selection. Good prices on reedmaking tools.

Double reed vendor and reedmaker

Double Reed Vendor. Boasts largest selection of Heckel bassoon and contra bocals in the U.S. Very good prices and service

Site for Moosman bassoons, Danzi reeds and cane, Rieger and 2x tools and accesories. Comes down to NCMEA each year

An absolutely excellent site if you want to learn more about career options in music.

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